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VGD design and develop digital products and marketing solutions for clients trading across a range of industries.

We’ve recently launched an app for one of the world’s leading payments providers, transformed the online booking experience of a trusted baggage handler, architected an aggregated data-driven marketing solution for the fashion industry and de veloped a user-friendly website for the NHS.

Taking a joined-up approach, we focus on your particular business needs - logical strategies, creative ideas and accountable project management – to plan, design and build projects all under one roof, delivering necessary, connected activities, monitoring and evaluating success, and then helping you do it all over again.

creative thinking, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and a steely drive and you have a recipe for success.

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App development that enhances peoples’ lives

Taking you from concept to completion, we’ll work with you to create and launch apps that strengthen and convey the personality of your brand, allowing you to run your business more efficiently and effectively or to become a truly useful part of your customers lives.

Creative but not for arts’ sake

Being ‘creative’ is fundamental to our work but it’s also firmly rooted in meeting a need. Our clients want us to encourage their audience to explore, enquire, buy and share. Which is why our graphic design and copy are led by the needs of the brand and the audience, be it:

Graphic development to help users navigate efficiently round a website or system Brand identity to raise profile, show cohesion and continuity
Use of imagery, audio, video and illustrations to explain content more easily

Use of imagery, audio, video and illustrations to explain content more easily

Email campaigns that are relevant to business

There’s no doubt in our mind that email campaigns are relevant to every business. The level of sophistication may differ, but the potential value is the same – someone who matters to your business chooses to read your content in the relative privacy of their inbox.

Strategic, effective online and offline marketing services

At heart we’re creative marketers – strategic thinkers always on the lookout for different ways of reaching audiences, be it in print, face-to-face, through experiential, PR or outdoors.

Putting this together in a meaningful, harmonious plan, we achieve the ultimate in marketing for our clients – getting through to their audience in a manner that prompts them to take the right action.

For many clients we become their marketing arm, delivering top level thinking and implementing activity from the ground up.

Technologically driven automated processes taking your business to the next level

Strategically driven and technically competent we use technology to automate processes to help you become leaner, more efficient and effective in what you do.

We don’t work with off the peg solutions – they’re generally inflexible and expensive, but use our own basic principles based on relevant knowledge and experience to meet each of our clients’ particular needs.

Carefully crafted websites with functionality and usability at their core

Every business needs an online presence beyond social media platforms and industry directories. We create websites that look good, are easy to navigate, function like a dream and achieve something for the visitor and owner alike. We like to think of them as vital business tools for our clients.

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Handling over 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions per day across a customer base of more than 400,000 worldwide, Worldpay are the leading global payments provider.

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Working with both the private and public sectors nationwide, Park Avenue Recruitment, the specialist town planning recruitment consultancy

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Left Luggage offer handy long and short-term secure storage at airports and rail stations. Left Luggage offer handy long and short-term secure storage at airports and rail stations.


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